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 Dart Safety - Here are some very important tips on dart safety.
  • Very young children should never be allowed to play with darts. Darts can cause serious injuries to a toddler.
  • Older children should be supervised at all times when playing the game.
  • It's a good idea to buy youngsters a set of soft tipped darts and dart board. This type of dart is a lot safer than metal tipped ones and are less likely to cause an injury if they strike anyone.
  • Never leave dart flights lying around as a toddler can put them in their mouth and choke on them.
  • Always keep your darts somewhere that is out of reach of small children.  

The American Darters Association and the American Dart League program has something for everyone!  It is the only league that offers both English "steel-tip" and Electronic "soft-tip" action in the same format. The American Open League offers "scratch" play of 501 singles and cricket doubles. The NEUTRALIZER® League equalizes competition regardless of a members' skill in 301 singles and cricket doubles. The American Dart League currently operates in 25 states and is managed by trained professionals to ensure the best-organized darts program in the United States.

 Crow's Darts
Dart information, supplies, games, charts, links, pubs, brackets, tournaments, schedules, articles, and more.

All the darts accessories any darter seeks;  Darts, flights, dartboards, dart cases, and dart shafts.
Dart Supplies at - Big River Darts.

Here's an interesting article on dart history, dart board setup, dart safety and dart rules. 
visit for in depth information on a wide variety of subjects.

Off the Oche but on Target!  Your online darts resource
Experience the most active dart website in the world!
Here you'll find useful darting information for everyone from people thinking about taking up darts right through to experts!

Dart Directory, Dart Games, Dart Guide, Information and Rules for Darts offers many dart game sites and clubs, darts media, darts supplies, electronic dart boards, dart machines,
dart player, darts games, darts rules, playing darts, dartboard cabinets, dart sets, product information, and more.

Handcrafted Exotic Wooden Pens, Pencils and Gifts offers a wide range of unique hand turned items
including some beautiful wooden darts.  

Steve's Custom Darts
Precision darts made your way

Australia's Dart Shop Superstore - At Deadeye Darts we stock steel tip darts, soft tip darts, dart flights, dart shafts and dart accessories.


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